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Getting Started

I begin this site with the statement that this is not
designed as a one stop fixes all.    I do not believe there is
one way, practice or intervention that works for every child, teen, family or
parent.  I am by no means an expert at everything mental health
related.  I have experience working with children, teens, families and
parents both in residential and outpatient settings.  My experience is
geared around teens with aggression, sexualized behavior, and self harming
behaviors.  Through my experience I have seen some of the same scenarios repeat
themselves in different settings, and my hope is that through this setting I
can pass on some of my experience.  I hope that if other practitioners
have differing experiences, interventions, or approaches that this can be a
place of discussion.  I have several topics in mind that I plan to write
about, share my beliefs, approaches, techniques etc.  I will divulge where
I learned these interventions from as I believe in giving credit where credit
is due.  I will have available my favorite books and references, so those
of you who would like to read further are able to, and I hope that other
professionals that reference this site will add their list of favorite
references.  If as a visitor you have a question that you would like me to
answer, please feel free to ask. 

I also plan to discuss some common parenting mistakes that I have experience
through my work with families.  In my work I tend to be very direct and no
non-sense.  Please take my information with that in mind. 


For more information about me, my approaches, and my
practice, please visit my website at


Marissa Engel, LCSW-LSOTP