Of course you’re special!

Yes. You are special.  Just like everybody else.  Just like a snowflake.  Or fingerprints.  But then we have found duplicates in snowflakes, and in fingerprints.  The question you need to ask yourself:  Is it more important to stand out or to fit in?  Either way, you will find a group.

There is a group that does what is called extreme body modification.  Full body tattoo, splitting the tongue, stretching the ears, having horn implants, corset lacings implanted on the back.  If all of that sounds interesting, you will find your group.  There are groups that do extreme hobbies such as rock climbing without ropes, skiing in avalanche zones, biking down mountains.  People who play D&D, people that are into different kinks, people into racing wiener-dogs.  These are all small groups comparatively (compared to people that like cat videos online).  And yet they all have groups.

We aren’t snowflakes, and we aren’t alone.  For most people that helps them feel better.  You are not alone.  This means you don’t have to walk through your pain alone either.

You aren’t alone in this world.  There are always people to reach out to.  You don’t have to walk your path or your pain alone.

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About Marissa Engel

I have been in private practice in Austin, TX since 2007. My focus as a therapist is to help clients uncover within themselves the courage and strength to face life with confidence. In my work with clients I am most interested in helping people develop a compassionate relationship with their own experiences that can lead them on a journey of acceptance, self discovery, relief from suffering, and healing of relational disconnects. In my practice I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups, seeing adults, adolescents, and children. My scope of treatment has included depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger and stress management difficulties, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, addictions, eating disorders, and couple/family difficulties.