Letting you follow your own path

“I lovingly release others to their own lessons. I tenderly care for myself and move with ease through my life”


I think this is the quote that has had the most meaning in my life.  Especially
as a therapist I find myself becoming invested the change other people
make.  I am lucky enough to be able to watch a lot of people make change
in their life. Sometimes though I watch people get stuck, and I struggle with
letting them be stuck.   Many of my clients, as they do change and see a
difference in their lives, want to help their friends and family as well.
Then comes a new level of frustration and helplessness as they begin to find
that others aren’t ready or interested in hearing all of their words of

The desire to help others comes from an amazing and pure place.  It is
also often easier to see a way out of other’s troubles than it is your
own.  It is difficult when you see a path for someone to keep from giving
your input.  The thing to remember is that you had to find your own
path.  Your friends and family were frequently there with ideas and
different paths for you.  Everyone has their own path in life.  And
ultimately they have to find it themselves.  Being able to let your
friends and family learn their own lessons and walk their own path can
sometimes be one of the most difficulty thing you do, especially as you watch
your friends and family fall and fail.  Think of how many times you had to
fall, how many times you had to fail in order to get to where you are.
Keep working to find the way to move with ease through your own life, letting
your friends and family learn their own lessons.

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About Marissa Engel

I have been in private practice in Austin, TX since 2007. My focus as a therapist is to help clients uncover within themselves the courage and strength to face life with confidence. In my work with clients I am most interested in helping people develop a compassionate relationship with their own experiences that can lead them on a journey of acceptance, self discovery, relief from suffering, and healing of relational disconnects. In my practice I have worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups, seeing adults, adolescents, and children. My scope of treatment has included depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger and stress management difficulties, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, addictions, eating disorders, and couple/family difficulties.